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Hi! Maury here (/ˈmɔrɪ/)

I am a tattoo artist from London.

I've been into body modification culture since I can remember

and self-expression is a big part of my life!

Tattooing is something I wanted to do since the early 90s

when I used to cover my forearm in water transfer tattoos

mostly tribal designs, roses and dolphines!

I spent most of my 20’s surrounded by people who were part of the tattoo/body modification industry

and I learned A LOT from them, my work ethics are very old school when it comes to what tattooing is about.
If I come across as strict it's because I care about what I do and what you get.

I first trained as a body piercer but that carreer never really took off

My tattoo journey began in the late 00’s and I finally started working as a professional tattoo artist in 2012

and focusing 100% on this path. 

I worked in different tattoo studios around London over the years. 

I took part of a few tattoo conventions in the UK (London, Brighton, Telford) as well as in Europe (Ireland, Poland);

I also tattooed at Drag World UK in 2017 and 2018 which was an amazing experience!

Hopefully I gave the LGBTQIA+ community something different!

I’ve always been a fan of American Traditional Tattoos, I love bold lines and old school designs. 

My tattoo style changed a lot over the years and I now specialise in:
watercolour, brush strokes, sketchy, abstract tattoos.

I enjoy tattooing colourful pieces as well as heavy blackwork

(check out my gallery for some examples).
I don't think I'll ever stick to tattoing only one style,

I love the contrast between colorful pieces, watercolour and heavy brutal blackwork.

Both looking agressive and cute.
Just like me! HAH!


I’ve been vegan for 15 years, I love and respect animals and nature
and I do my best in taking care of this planet! 

Every single thing I use during a tattoo session is ECO-friendly

and biodegradable as well as vegan and cruelty free!

The tattoo industry creates so much waste,

luckily now we have lots of alternatives to use and we can feel less guilty.
Rest assured I don't brag about this and then eat meat and dairy behind the scenes ;)  

If you want me to tattoo you

please get in touch via email
or fill out this tattoo form. 

I recently opened my own tattoo studio in Camden Town, London
Celebrity Skin Custom Tattoosa private, cozy and friendly place.
I'll see you there!


 I love tattooing people from everywhere; no matter what colour, size, shape you are!

Everyone is welcome!

...unless you’re racist, homophobic, transphobic and overall not a respectful person. 

Oh, and you must be 18+ 

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