Hi! Maury here (/ˈmɔrɪ/)

I’m a vegan tattoo artist from London

been into body modification culture since a really young age

and self-expression is a big part of my life so here I am today

doing the job I always wanted to do.

I spent most of my 20’s surrounded by people

who were part of the tattoo/body modification industry

and I learned from them A LOT

therefore my way of working is very old school

in terms of what tattooing is about

and if I come across as strict it's because I care

about what I do and what you get.

I started my tattoo journey in the late 00’s

and finally started working as a professional tattoo artist in 2012

in the UK capital and worked in different tattoo studios

around London over the years. 

During the past few years I took part of a few tattoo conventions

in the UK as well as in Europe,

I also tattooed at Drag World UK in 2017 and 2018

which was an amazing experience!

and hopefully I gave the LGBTQIA+ community something different! 
I love tattooing people from everywhere;

no matter what colour, size, shape you are! 

I’ve always been a fan of American Traditional Tattoos

I love big bold lines and old school designs. 

My style in tattooing changed a lot over the years and  I now specialise in watercolour, brush strokes, sketchy, abstract tattoos,

I also enjoy doing cute colourful ones as well as heavy blackwork

(see my gallery for some versatility in style). 
I don't think I'll ever stick to tattoing only one style,

I love the contrast between colorful pieces, watercolour

and heavy brutal blackwork.

Both looking agressive yet cute. Just like me! HAH! 

I’ve been vegan for almost 13 years now, I love/respect animals and nature and I do my part in taking care of this planet by using ECO friendly alternatives as much as I can both at home and at work.

All my equipment is vegan/cruelty free starting from drawing/painting tools to stencil paper, tattoo ink, ointment and soap used during tattooing,

to tattoo aftercare! 

If you want me to tattoo you

please get in touch via email (rottenrageuk@gmail.com
or fill out this tattoo form. 

Everyone is welcome...

unless you’re racist, homophobic, transphobic

and overall not a respectful person. 

Oh, and you must be 18+