All the products I use are vegan and cruelty free. 

I don't use any Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly during a tattoo

simply because I personally don't like them:
I find them too messy and they don't do any good to the skin. 

During a tattoo I moisturise the area with natural tattoo butters. 

The green soap I use is a foam

made of real eucalyptus essential oil

formulated specifically for irritated skin

reducing inflammation and reducing risk of infection

and it gives the skin a relief from pain too.

The tattoo ink I use are mostly Eternal Ink

and Dynamic Ink for black pigment.

These brands are known for being pretty much

the best ones you could find.

Aftercare wise I always recommend Hustle Butter

(Which we also sell in the shop!)

Please don't use any Bepanthen or other ointments full of chemicals designed for rashes or infected wounds.

They are not made for tattoos therefore they are NOT good to heal a tattoo.

I'd appreciate if you follow my advice!